November 2015 Goals

2015 is almost over and let’s be honest; most people think the year it’s already over. Maybe it was a great year, and you think it’s good enough or maybe it sucked and you think the next year you’ll try harder and things will be better.

I thought about that a lot and decided that if the year ended now for me it would be already awesome, but you know what? I can do better. We all have a couple of months until 2016, and we can use this time to get momentum and start next year even better.

I’m not saying that you should start a business and try to grow it into six figures right now, even if I think that’s perfectly possible. How about something more simple but meaningful, like getting in shape? Planning a great Christmas with your family? Starting your email list?

Think about it, don’t just give up and waste your time with all the new TV shows and movies, what actions can you take that will make you better this month?

Today I’m publicly sharing my personal goals of November 2015 for three reasons.

  1. I feel like this will create more commitment on my part, and I believe this will push me to show results next month.
  2. I want to be transparent, so you know what my achievements are.
  3. I want to inspire you to do the same, to show you that the year is not over yet, and you can do drastic changes and improvements.

So, here they are:

My goals for the month of November 2015


  • I want to enjoy some time with my Dad and sister and work on a plan to see everybody soon in Argentina.


  • I did put some extra weight on Moscow the last three months, so I’ll start going back to the gym at least three times a week. That’s a total of 12 times this month, perfectly doable :)
  • On the last couple of months, I broke up with McDonnals, Burger King, and Subway, this was one of the best decisions I made and this month I want to keep my distance from this and any other fast food chain.

Personal development

  • I will try out, an app that gives me summaries of all the awesome books I always wanted to read. They claim that they can help me to understand one book per week. That’s sounds like an awesome goal for personal development and time management, right?


  • I’ll post on my blog at least three more valuable posts this month.
  • I’ll grow my email, adding 150 people more. (Protip: I’m using this amazing app to grow my list
  • I will help two people to achieve their November goals too.

I want to thanks, Aj at for inspiring the idea of sharing my goals. I believe that doing this I will take them more seriously. I’ll love to report that I achieved everything next month. So better to get to work now.

Like I said in my previous post:

Being confident doesn’t mean that you cannot be vulnerable or transparent

So try to expose yourself a little bit more every time, share your goals and then share the results by the end of the month.

I will love to help you with your goals for November. Share them on the comments or send me an email.

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