2015 is almost over and let’s be honest, most people are thinking that the year it’s already over. Maybe it was a great year and you think it’s good enough or maybe it sucked and you think the next year you’ll try harder and things will be better.

I thought about that a lot and decided that if the year ended now for me it will be already awesome, but you know what? I can do better. We all have a couple of months until 2016 and we can use this time to get momentum and start next year even better.

I’m not saying that you should start a business and try to grow it to 6 figures right now, even if I think that’s perfectly possible. How about something more simple but meaningful, like getting in shape? Planning a great christmas with your family? Starting your email list?

Think about it, don’t just give up and waste your time with all the new TV shows and movies, what actions can you take that will make you better this month?

Today I’m publicly sharing my personal goals of November 2015 for 3 reasons.

  1. I feel like this will create more commitment on my part and I believe this will push me to show results next month.
  2. I want to be transparent so you know what are my achievements.
  3. I want to inspire you to do the same, to show you that the year is not over yet and you can do drastic changes and improvements.

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Do you feel that you’re not good enough to teach something, apply for a high paid job, or just share ideas with your friends?

I used to feel like this every time I would start a new project and to be honest I still feel like this sometimes.

This is a very common condition and is known as “Impostor syndrome”. It describes people who are unable to internalize their accomplishments. This feeling tricks you into thinking that you are not good enough to do something and when that happens you end up doing nothing.

Basically, it’s a psychological safe that prevents you from exposing yourself to rejection and keeps you in the comfort zone.

If you consider the last sentence it sounds like a good thing but if you want to have a big personal growth and achieve more in your life, you should leave your comfort zone sometimes.

How can you fight impostor syndrome? You need to get a lot of personal confidence.

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